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Lincoln Castle Bed

From £1,500.00
In a Kingdom, not so far away, Bedz & Beyond are making children's dreams come true! All the children are invited for a Royal party, with our Lincoln castle bunk bed! With ample playing and sleeping space, every child's dreams will come true. Give your child their own castle bunk bed and they will live happily ever after...

Harvey’s Castle Bed

From £1,500.00
When you wish upon a star... Wish for the Harvey castle bunk bed! One of the greatest themed beds for the best imaginary play for any Royal Highness. Design your own castle to sit in the most important Kingdom, your child's bedroom!

Castle Bunk Bed

From £1,500.00
Once upon a time, your child dreamt their bedroom was their kingdom... It will be now with their very own castle bunk bed, to oversee their land! An enchanting bunk bed made for only prince and princesses, to act out their favourite fairy tales then drift off to the land of nod. Endless fun for years to come!

Poppy House Bunk Bed With Box Shelves

From £1,115.00
We think our Poppy house bunk bed speaks for itself! A candy-coated dream land for your children to explore. Your children will have endless hours of fun in this playhouse bed. The box shelving makes the house come to life inside, while adding practical storage space

Chelsea Cottage Bunk Bed

From £1,040.00
This bunk bed absolutely oozes comfort, with two cosy single bunks which both provide ample head space, surrounded by an intricate routered brickwork effect all around the exterior of the bed. The cute and extremely useful window box shelves are included as standard. The Chelsea Cottage Bunk Bed is a perfect blend of contemporary style mixed with rustic finishing touches.

Poppy House Bunk Bed

From £1,015.00
We think our Poppy house bunk bed speaks for itself! A candy-coated dream land for your children to explore. Your children will have endless hours of fun in this playhouse bed. Customise the perfect bed with your choice of colours, storage even a slide!

Fire Engine Bunk Bed

From £995.00
In the words of Fireman Sam "A good fire fighter is never off duty" and they wont be with our Fire Engine bunk bed! Turn your child's bedroom into a mini Pontypandy for hours of fun and excitement. Hopefully, minus of any naughty Normans. With the option to have the bed as a high sleeper, turning the lower deck into a play area, this is suitable for all little firefighters, throughout their years.

Alyssia Rainbow House Bunk Bed

From £960.00
The Alyssia Rainbow house bunk bed is jaw dropping marvellous! Your child will never want to leave their bunk bed. With all their home comforts inside their own little house. Whilst looking at their bedroom from top bunk, through their decorated window frames... who can blame them.

Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed

From £950.00
Looking for a triple sleeper bunk bed? Look no further! Each single bed has the luxury of their own space and privacy, ensuring the best nights sleep for everyone. This fun space saving design, gives any child's room a grand and comfortable feel. Customise your bed with different colours and designs, even clever storage ideas! Make bedtime easier and relaxing for everyone.

Loft Playhouse Bed

From £940.00
After a tough day at nursery or school, sometimes... you just need a little bit of chill time. Luckily for you and your hard-working little angel, they can get some much deserved rest and relaxation in style, with the Loft Playhouse Bed! This brand new bed is slowly becoming a Bedz & Beyond customer favourite!

Alyssia House Bunk Bed

From £940.00
Everyone loves the Alyssia house bunk bed! With a cute cottage feeling to this bunk bed, all children feel welcome here. A design that will stand the test of time.

Hatties House Bunk Bed

From £935.00
Welcome to Hattie's house bunk bed where all children are invited for creative play and a splendid time! With delightful flowers hanging from the window boxes and a charming vibe, every child will have fun playing 'house' in this lovely bunk bed. Customise with colours, storage and perhaps a slide!